Idaho Governor Says State Is In Pretty Good Shape

Jan 4, 2013

Governor Butch Otter at AP Legislative Preview
Credit Aaron Kunz / EarthFix/Boise State Public Radio

Idaho’s 2013 legislative session begins Monday with Governor Butch Otter’s State of the State address. Otter gave some clues about what he’ll say when he spoke Friday morning at the Associated Press’s annual legislative preview.

“The state of the state is in pretty good shape,” Otter said. “It’s in great shape when I compare it to the stories I hear from a lot of my colleagues in the different governors’ organizations that I belong to.”

Despite comparisons to more cash-strapped states and touting Idaho’s improving business prospects, Otter says he’ll propose a budget with no increase in revenue.

The governor also says he’ll ask lawmakers to approve plans for a state-run health insurance exchange.

Plus he’ll have a lot to say Monday about Idaho’s personal property tax. Whether to repeal it or not is shaping up to be one of the hot issues of the coming session. Otter stopped short this morning of saying what he’ll recommend. However, he did call the tax one of the major drags on the state’s economy.

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