Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Website Will Use Federal Security Technology

Aug 13, 2013

The Spokesman-Review reported Sunday that the Legislature’s decision to build an entirely state-based exchange in March came too late. Jody Olson with the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange says for the first year, Idaho will use some federal resources to maintain the state’s health exchange website.

Credit Alex E. Proimos / Flickr Creative Commons

“We are temporarily borrowing some technology to help people fill out the application process," Olson says. "But the part where people are going to find information about the Idaho plans and the Idaho resources – that’s an Idaho exchange.”

If you go to the Idaho exchange website to shop for insurance this fall, you will be seeing Idaho-specific information. Olson says the companies, agents and customer service representatives will all be based in Idaho. But the technology to keep social security numbers and other confidential information safe? That will be borrowed from the feds.

Olson says most states that opted to create their own exchange have been working on their websites for at least a year. She says Idaho’s exchange has only had a few months since lawmakers signed off on the plan, not enough time to build the secure application feature.

“We knew that we would have to use existing technologies and borrow them temporarily while we were able to develop and test each part of the process,” says Olson.

She says it will take until the 2014 fall open enrollment period before the security features on the website will come from Idaho.