Idaho Man Sentenced To Jail For Causing Death Of Driver

Jun 14, 2017

Credit Still Burning / Flickr

An Idaho man was sentenced to one year in jail after he was found guilty of causing a crash that killed a 64-year-old driver.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports 22-year-old Tyler Callahan of Weiser received his sentence Tuesday for one count of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. A judge says Callahan's jail sentence could be modified during a review hearing in September.

According the report, Callahan crashed into John Pew's car after he lost control of his vehicle. Callahan drove off the road's left shoulder and then off the freeway before landing on Pew's pickup below. Callahan claims he fell asleep while behind the wheel.

Prosecutors say it is unclear whether Callahan was driving impaired.

Callahan is scheduled to appear in court later this month for sentencing on a probation violation.