Idaho Public Television’s Leader Honored By Senate

Apr 3, 2013

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / StateImpact Idaho

State Senators honored Idaho Public Television’s general manager Peter Morrill Tuesday. He'll retire later this year after 34 years at the station. Morrill sat with his family in the gallery above the Senate. He listened as the leader of the Senate, Brent Hill, thanked him for his service.

"Peter, thank you for your contributions to Idaho for your imagination for your commitment to broadcasting and for being such a nice guy," Hill said.

Senators shared similar sentiments while others noted past fights over Idaho Public Television’s budget. Sen. Steve Bair recalled one of those debates in the budget writing committee years ago. He remembers that making significant cuts and he fully expected what he called a “tongue lashing” from Morrill:

'And instead what I got was a warm handshake ," Bair said, "and he said and I’ll never forget those words: 'Thank you for the budget, I appreciate it.' He taught me a great lesson that day that in the face of adversity we treat each other with kindness. Speaks highly very highly of Peter’s character and I’m grateful for that Mr. Morrill," Bair said.

Peter Morrill started working at Idaho Public Television as an executive producer. In 1996 he became the station’s general manager. Senators gave Morrill a standing ovation after they finished sharing their thoughts. Morrill stood from the gallery and waved back at them.