Idaho Racing Commission Broke Law Distributing Funds, Audit Finds

Dec 14, 2016

Legislative auditors say the Idaho Racing Commission failed to give $72,000 to public schools in 2015, but did give $286,000 to horse breeder associations that year.  

But according to the report, the commission didn’t have the authority to distribute the money. They lost that authority after the legislature outlawed historic racing in 2015. The practice allowed people to bet on old horse races, and then a portion of the money collected would go into different accounts – including a fund for public schools and one for the breeder associations.

 But before the commission paid schools that year, lawmakers outlawed historic racing because it too closely resembled slot machines, which are outlawed in the state.
 Officials with the commission say they have contacted the attorney general’s office, and plan to propose a bill in 2017 to fix the issue. 

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