Idaho Receives $40 Million Health Innovation Grant

Dec 16, 2014

Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare has been awarded a nearly $40 million federal grant to improve health outcomes.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human services announced 28 states will share $665 million in state innovation grants.

Idaho’s four-year innovation grant is meant to transition away from a fee-for-service system of health care delivery, to a value-based system.

Idaho's health department lists these seven items as its goals.

Goal 1: Transform primary care practices across the state into patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs): Idaho will test the effective integration of patient-centered medical homes into the larger healthcare delivery system by establishing them as the vehicle for delivery of primary care services and the foundation of the state’s healthcare system.

Goal 2:Improve care coordination through the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and health data connections among patient-centered medical homes and across the medical neighborhood: Idaho’s proposal includes significant investment in connecting patient-centered medical homes to the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) and enhancing care coordination through improved sharing of patient information.
Goal 3: Establish seven regional collaboratives to support the integration of each patient-centered medical home with the broader medical neighborhood: At the local level, Idaho’s seven public health districts will serve as regional collaboratives that will support provider practices as they transform to patient-centered medical homes.

Goal 4: Improve rural patient access to patient-centered medical homes by developing virtual patient-centered medical homes: This goal includes training community health workers and integrating telehealth services into very rural or frontier practices. The virtual patient-centered medical home model is a unique approach to developing patient-centered medical homes in rural, medically underserved communities.

Goal 5: Build a statewide data analytics system: Grant funds will support development of a state-wide data analytics system to track, analyze and report feedback to providers and regional collaboratives. At the state level, data analysis will inform policy development and program monitoring for the entire healthcare system transformation.
Goal 6: Align payment mechanisms across payers to transform payment methodology from volume to value: Idaho’s three largest commercial insurers, Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence and PacificSource, along with Medicaid will participate in the model test. Payers have agreed to evolve their payment model from paying for volume of services to paying for improved health outcomes.

Goal 7: Reduce healthcare costs: Financial analysis conducted by outside actuaries indicates that Idaho’s healthcare system costs will be reduced by $89 million over three years through new public and private payment methodologies that incentivize providers to focus on appropriateness of services, improved quality of care and outcomes rather than volume of service. Idaho projects a return on investment for all populations of 197 percent for five years.


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