Idaho Republicans Hail The Romney, Ryan Ticket

Aug 13, 2012

Some of Idaho’s top Republicans are hailing Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for his Vice Presidential running mate. The announcement came Saturday. Later that day Idaho Senator Jim Risch stated his support.

The selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate underscores Governor Romney's commitment to pull our country back from the edge of the fiscal cliff," Risch writes. "I strongly endorse Governor Romney's choice of Congressman Ryan and I look forward to victory in November.”

Congressman Raul Labrador also issued a statement of support.

"Governor Mitt Romney's selection this morning of Chairman Paul Ryan adds the final piece to America's comeback -- the team America has been waiting for to reform our government and help get people back to work," Labrador writes.  "Americans will soon know, like I know, that the Romney/Ryan ticket has the expertise needed to save our country from an entitlement mentality that has caused unprecedented spending and the overregulation of businesses that has taken our country to the brink of financial ruin.”

Ryan gained national attention earlier this year when he released a budget plan that included deep cuts to programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. But Idaho’s senior senator Mike Crapo says Ryan doesn’t just appeal to the most fiscally conservative.

“Although there has been an effort to try to characterize him as extreme or as too conservative, the reality is that he works well across the line with both Republicans and Democrats,” Crapo says.

Idaho’s Democratic Party doesn’t agree. In a written statement Party Director Sally Boynton Brown says Romney’s choice is “hostile to the average citizen.”

“Idaho has a state GOP leadership that is experimenting with giving tax cuts to the wealthiest citizens while letting public schools and other infrastructure go without maintenance or improvement. Rep. Paul Ryan would offer these same kinds of policies that leave the middle class behind and hurt the chances for small businesses to expand and provide meaningful careers for our children, here in Idaho," Boynton Brown writes. "Ryan as a VP choice is particularly troubling because his proposals threaten Medicare and Social Security for seniors who have earned the security of dignified retirement. Anyone who doubts how hostile this choice of running mate is to average citizens need only look at the details of the proposed Ryan budget.”

Governor Butch Otter greeted the announcement with enthusiasm. Monday  Otter tweeted his support for the Romney/Ryan ticket and Otter writes about Ryan on his Facebook page.  

“When I was serving with him in Congress a decade ago, Paul already was known by his colleagues as a bold and talented policy maker deeply committed to freedom and to enabling the American people to turn opportunity into greatness," Otter writes. "Governor Romney has made a wise and exciting choice who will help us achieve victory in November and success in the years to come.”