Idaho Republicans Remove Two Redistricting Commissioners

BOISE, ID – Idaho’s Redistricting Commission meets Thursday to draw a new legislative map.  But just who will be on the Commission, is anybody’s guess.  The Idaho GOP removed two Commissioners Monday.  But those appointees say they can’t be fired and they won’t resign.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office said Friday there’s no way to remove appointees from the Redistricting Commission.  But the Idaho GOP says that conclusion is wrong.  So they removed Dolores Crow and Randy Hansen Monday.  The Party plans to announce two new appointees Tuesday.  Jonathan Parker is executive director of the Idaho GOP.

Jonathan Parker:  “Based on our legal opinion, both outside legal counsel and our inside legal counsel, that the new commissioners will be seated and will be the acting commissioners starting on Thursday.”

But Crow says she won’t resign from the Redistricting Commission and plans to attend the meeting later this week.

Dolores Crow:  “To say that you can come in and dismiss commissioners that have already done the job and just need to tweak a few things for the satisfaction of the Supreme Court.  That isn’t even reasonable.”

Randy Hansen says he made a commitment to the citizens of Idaho to fulfill his duties as Redistricting Commissioner.  He says he’ll show up to the next Commission meeting as well.

Randy Hansen:  “I don’t think it’ll take long at all.  Now, that we understand what the court’s have asked us to do.”

The Idaho Supreme Court ruled last week the Commission’s plan to draw legislative lines unconstitutional.  In a four to one decision, the Justices reconvened the Commission to create a new plan that doesn’t split so many Idaho counties.

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