Idaho’s “No Call” Law Could Be In For Changes

Jan 24, 2013

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / StateImpact Idaho

Idaho lawmakers will take up a bill to lift the ban placed on telephone companies when it comes to customer cold calls.

Under Idaho's 2000 "No-call" law that halted most unwanted phone solicitation, most businesses were allowed to continue calling existing customers to sell things. But phone companies were forbidden.

Now land-line companies Frontier Communications and Century Link are lobbying for the changes. 

Jim Clark is a former Idaho Representative and is now a lobbyist for Frontier.  He says the old law is crippling their ability to market high-speed internet.

“What’s happening is that my company that I represent has been trying to move into high-speed internet in Northern Idaho and they’re coming up with problems doing that because they can’t call customers because of this bill,” says Clark.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has already come out against the bill.  He says residents who joined Idaho's million-number "Do Not Call" list don’t want such calls.

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