Idaho Senator Crapo Says GOP Needs To Reach Out To Hispanics

Mar 20, 2013

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo
Credit Courtesy of Sen. Mike Crapo's office

After months of self-examination following last year's election losses, the Republican National Committee released a self-assessment this week.  The R-N-C issued a 100-page report that outlines dozens of recommendations to make the GOP a more welcoming and inclusive party.

The report says Republicans "must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform," and reach out to Hispanics.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo says the Republican Party has an opportunity to better explain itself and its rationale for its approach to the debt crisis, immigration policy, and other issues important to the Hispanic community. “When you look at family values and economic principles and governing principles by which we should run our country, I believe that the Republican Party’s philosophy and approach is much closer to that of the Hispanic community than the Democratic Party’s.”

The RNC will spend $10 million on the outreach program this year, dispatching political staff into minority communities across the nation.  The group is endorsing comprehensive immigration reform as part of a roadmap designed to improve the GOP's brand among minority voters.

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