Idaho Senator Warns Of Gridlock In Washington D.C.

U.S.  Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) said today he’s frustrated with the gridlock in Washington.  Decisions on the nation’s budget, debt, taxes, and other major issues have been put off repeatedly. 

Crapo believes these issues won’t be resolved until after the November elections.   He says, "Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the major things that we need to do will happen with the possible exception of a farm bill, on which we are developing some bipartisan support, and, hopefully, a transportation bill."

Those two bills would affect Idaho farmers and rural counties.  A draft Senate farm bill would eliminate direct payments to farmers for not growing crops, and be replaced by insurance programs against natural disasters.  Meanwhile the House and Senate are reconciling differences in transportation bills.  The Senate version contains an extension of payments to counties that have large amounts of federal land.  The House version does not contain that extension.

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