Idaho Voters To Decide Right To Hunt Amendment

Oct 30, 2012

Credit Creative Commons Courtesy: @thekevinchang

House Joint Resolution 2 is less than two pages long and adds hunting, fishing and trapping to Idaho’s Constitution.

Governor “Butch” Otter says the authors of the measure wanted to protect these outdoor activities for future generations.

“I think the motivation was to make sure that there was a continuum in that tradition that we have in Idaho," says Otter. "I think the only danger and I warned them about this, that the only danger that we run is what if it fails? What's that going to tell us?”

Opponents call the right to hunt measure frivolous. Greg Moore chairs the “Vote No on HJR 2” Committee based in central Idaho. He says no one is seeking to deny state citizens the right to hunt, fish or trap. He says the state constitution should be reserved for basic human rights issues.

Moore has other concerns about HJR 2. He believes it could change the way management decisions are made in the future. “That it creates a perpetual right to hunt and fish but also to trap. And unlike hunting and fishing, trapping is a cruel and prolonged way to kill animals.”

Regardless of how you vote on HJR 2 on November 6, it’s unlikely you will see any noticeable change. Hunting, fishing and trapping in Idaho will continue either way.

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