Idaho's Health Insurance Exchange Security System Gets The Green Light

Sep 30, 2013

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

The board overseeing Idaho's health insurance exchange has given its approval to the security system designed to protect consumer financial and personal information.

The 19-member board certified the security system Monday — one day before the exchange will go live.

Meanwhile, insurance agents are wondering if the online marketplace will pose any benefit to their businesses.

Exchange director Amy Dowd contends the exchange is an opportunity for agents and brokers to gain a share of the 200,000 people estimated to shop for policies.

She says there's a new population of uninsured who will need expertise in choosing policies.

But Tom Shores, a Boise insurance agent on the exchange's 19-member board, estimates he'll have to win 3,000 new customers to offset commissions he says are shrinking thanks to the insurance overhaul.