Immigration Group Rallies At Labrador’s Office, Meets With Congressman

Jun 10, 2013

Credit Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

A group of about a dozen immigration rights supporters protested Monday outside Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador's Meridian office. They criticized Labrador’s decision last week to leave a group of House Democrats and Republicans who’ve worked for weeks on a bipartisan bill to reform immigration law.

To the protestors’ surprise, Labrador was in the office and the Republican representative held a 45 minute back and forth with the group.  Labrador told the group his decision was based on who should pay for immigrant healthcare.  “I don’t believe in Obamacare and I don’t believe that people who are here illegally should receive the benefit of receiving healthcare paid for by U.S. citizens.”

That exchange was typical of the lively, impromptu meeting. The protestors told Labrador his decision to leave the Group of Eight amounted to walking away from the immigration debate. Labrador told them he’s still committed to developing a bill that will pass the Republican-led House, and that he can have a say on the issue on his own.

The meeting ended with several protestors smiling and shaking hands with the Congressman.

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