Interview With Chinese History Expert Jonathan Spence

Sep 27, 2013

China has long been described as “inscrutable” – a country that is both exotic and difficult to understand. Today, the world’s most populous nation is a major player on the international stage. Yet, at times, China’s actions continue to baffle outsiders unfamiliar with the country’s long and rich history and its impact on all aspects of Chinese life.

Today’s guest, Jonathan Spence, is considered the world’s foremost authority on Chinese civilization and the role of history in shaping modern China. He is the author of a number of books on China, including the bestseller, The Search for Modern China, which is used in college classrooms across the country, including here at Boise State. A third edition of The Search for Modern China was released earlier this year.

Dr. Spence has led a truly distinguished career. He is the Sterling Professor Emeritus at Yale University, he was named a MacArthur Fellow and he has received 10 honorary degrees and a Guggenheim Fellowship.