Jeb Bush Touts Idaho Education Laws To National Audience

Aug 31, 2012

Education in Idaho got another nod from Jeb Bush at the Republican National Convention this week.

Wednesday the former Florida governor held a fundraiser. Some of the money will go to the campaign to keep Idaho’s Student’s Come First laws.

In his speech Thursday Bush laid out the Republican education philosophy. He ended his 15 minutes in front of the convention by listing Republicans who are working to make that vision a reality. He mentioned several governors and Idaho's superintendent.

“Idaho Governor Otter and Superintendent Luna are raising up the best teachers and separating out the ineffective ones,” Bush said.

That’s a reference to provisions in Luna’s education laws known as Idaho’s Students Come First. In addition to teacher pay for performance, the laws mandate online classes, provide laptops for high school students and limit collective bargaining rights.

Bush also said that Otter and Luna had gained enemies. He mentioned a widely publicized 2011 incident where Luna’s tires were slashed. That happened when the laws were being considered in the state legislature.

Voters will decide in November whether to repeal the laws or leave them in place.

You can watch Bush's entire speech here: