July's Heat Finds Way Into Boise Record Books

Aug 2, 2017

It wasn’t your imagination – the National Weather Service has officially dubbed July the second hottest month on record in Boise since it started collecting data in 1877.



The average temperature in July reached 81.6 degrees in the capital – a couple degrees shy of the record set in July 2007 and nearly six degrees higher than normal.

The mercury spiked above 90 degrees in each of the 31 days last month setting its own record.


Troy Lindquist with the National Weather Service in Boise says persistent high-pressure systems are to blame for pushing out any potential shade.



“That’s been the dominant weather pattern and it’s limited any moisture and any clouds across the region and therefore we’ve gotten a lot of sunshine and thus it’s created the very warm temperatures we saw through the month,” Lindquist said.

Hot spells during the day also translated to warm nights. The average low of nearly 66 degrees is tied for the second hottest on record – also set in 2007.

Don’t put your shorts away either. Lindquist says climate models are predicting above average temps for the rest of August, too.


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