Korean Diplomats Honor Idaho Veterans

South Korean diplomats from their Embassy in Washington, D.C. visited the Idaho State Veterans Home in Boise Wednesday.  They honored Korean War veterans while in the Northwest to promote a free trade agreement between the U.S and Korea. 

Sixty years ago, U.S. servicemen and women battled communist Chinese and North Koreans in what’s been called the Forgotten War. The war is not officially over, but a somewhat stable peace has existed in the Korean peninsula since the nation was divided in the 1950s. 

South Korean economic counselor Haekwan Chung says he’ll never forget the sacrifice of Idaho veterans like Leonard Brown.  "Because of your service, now we have prosperity – Korea’s prosperity – and a strong alliance with the United States.  Thank you very much."

Brown replies,"Your welcome.  If I had to do it all over again, I’d be back right over there."  He served in the Navy on a destroyer during the Korean War.

South Korean economic researcher Jimin Ha thanks Brown and says, "We’ll always remember."

Chung and Ha visited with half a dozen Idaho veterans who served in the Korean War.  Most were in wheelchairs or hospital beds as they thanked them.  Chung and his delegation were in Idaho to meet with state officials and businesses to promote greater trade between the U.S. and Korea.  About thirty Korean War veterans live at the Idaho Veterans Home in Boise. 

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