Lawmakers Propose Boosting New Child Tax Credit

Mar 9, 2018

House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star.
Credit Otto Kitsinger / Associated Press

A bill to increase Idaho’s new child tax credit was introduced in the legislature Friday.

Lawmakers passed a $200 million dollar tax cut plan this session that included a $130 Idaho child tax credit. Critics argued the bill could hurt large families, some of whom would pay more in taxes under the new plan.

In response to the critique, lawmakers – including House Majority Leader Mike Moyle – brought a new bill Friday that would increase the tax credit to $205 per child.

“It moves it closer to where we all know those families are held whole and it’s a step in the right direction. Would I like to be higher? Absolutely. I think everybody would,” says Moyle.

Democratic Representative John Gannon argued the tax credit needed to be $287 to keep taxes from going up for families. Moyle countered $205 is a compromise designed to get enough support to pass the House and Senate before the end of the session.

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