Liquor Division, Five Wives Weigh In On Alcohol Spat

Jun 1, 2012

A week ago, there was a pretty good chance you’d never heard of Five Wives Vodka.  The liquor is distilled by a Utah company called Ogden’s Own Distillery and is relatively new.  But now, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of the product, after the Idaho State Liquor Division told the distillery that it can’t sell the product in the Gem State.  In a letter, the state says company’s concept is offensive to some of Idaho’s population. The state’s decision has made national news. 

To learn more why Idaho doesn’t want Five Wives here, we called Jeff Anderson, the man who runs the Liquor Division.  We also spoke with Steve Conlin, an owner and marketer for Ogden's Own Distillery.  


To see the letter Idaho's Liquor Commission sent to Five Wives' representative in Idaho, click here

Also: KBSX has Storified the spat. Read what people are saying.