A Little Rain Brings Little Relief For Dry Southern Idaho

Jul 5, 2012

After weeks of sunny, warm weather, it finally rained today in parts of southern Idaho. Bill Wojcik is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boise.  “Well this morning we had the rain falling as far west as Jerome and Twin Falls and at this time it extends all the way back to Idaho Falls and probably even into the western part of Wyoming.”

Unfortunately, Wojcik says not enough rain fell to make much difference to the high fire danger across Southern Idaho. “Twin Falls/Jerome have had less than a tenth of an inch and it looks like the eastern part of the state, the valleys have had some light rain, but not a whole lot, not enough to have much of an effect on the fuels or the fire danger, because it’s going to dry out and heat up.”

Wojcik says the heat will increase over the next several days, bringing instability to the weather pattern.  That means a chance of thunderstorms each day, which could mean lightening, and the potential for more fires. 

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