Local Organic Farmer Reacts To New Study

Sep 4, 2012

Credit lakewentworth / Flickr

A new study out of Stanford University says that organic food may not be any healthier than conventionally produced food. The researchers found no difference in organic and conventional foods when it comes to allergies or food poisoning, and sited only small variations in nutrient levels.

But according to Nampa organic farmer and distributor Rachel Brown, this study is deceptive.  “They’re not comparing the long-term effects of all the chemicals you’re eating in conventional foods; they’re not comparing the sustainability of growing the food," says Brown. "And I think these are the issues that are really important to me and most people [who] buy organic foods, not just how many nutrients are in this little bit of fruit but really what’s the overall long-term health benefit.”

Brown is not concerned that the Stanford study will hurt her family’s business in the Treasure Valley. She says that her customers choose organic food for many reasons, including freshness and to support the local economy.   

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