A Lost Fish Tops Idaho's Google List For 2016

Dec 30, 2016

As the year comes to a close, we wondered what people were thinking about the most during 2016. Turns out, so were the analysts at HighSpeedInternet.com. They’ve come out with a new map that shows what each state googled the most during the year.

For Idaho, the top googled item was … "Finding Dory." The movie apparently was a popular item in 2016 in the Gem State. Utah also found the term at the top of its list.

But Idaho and Oregon broke a trend during the year. If you draw a line on the northern part of the map from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Lakes, every state came up with “Stranger Things,” except Oregon and Idaho. Turns out the Netflix series was number two in the list of top five trending terms of 2016. Washington, Montana and Wyoming all picked the TV show. Oregon’s top google was “Euro 2016.”

Here’s how the website made its picks:

Our analysts used Google Trends data to determine the map's results. We started by identifying the top 25 terms googled in the U.S. over the past year then cross referenced state-by-state data for each of these terms to come up with the most searched term in each state. - HighSpeedInternet.com

We found a similar map from last year; that one was compiled by Estately. Back then, Idaho googled “Vaccines” more than any other state.

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