Lower Gas Prices Mean More Idahoans On The Road For The Fourth

Jun 27, 2016

Credit Nathan Feir / Flickr

Going somewhere over the July 4 weekend? You are not alone. AAA Idaho says 215,000 Idahoans will be traveling over the holiday period.

AAA Idaho says Independence Day is typically the busiest summer travel holiday, thanks to summer vacations and kids out of school.

Around the country, 43 million Americans are expected to travel over the weekend. That’s five million more than Memorial Day. Idaho and other mountain states will see 3.2 million holiday trips.

Thanks to low gas prices, 173,000 Idahoans will take their car when they travel this weekend.

“Spurred by the lowest gas prices Idahoans have paid on this holiday going back to 2005, more people than ever are planning to travel,” says AAA Idaho spokesman Dave Carson.

Idaho is not alone in taking the car. Roughly 84 percent of holiday travelers will drive to their holiday spots.

Idaho drivers are enjoying a $2.48 average price for gas. That’s the lowest for this date going back to 2005, when it was $2.25. That’s a big change from 2013, when gas was $3.78 a gallon.

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