More Than 1,000 Gather In Boise To Mourn Slain Police Dog

Nov 23, 2016

There were whines, tears and even barks in Boise's Taco Bell Area where as many as 1,500 people gathered to mourn a police dog that was killed in the line of duty.

An honor guard of police dogs, including Meridian patrol dog Randy, center, lined the entrance to Taco Bell Arena for Jardo.
Credit Katherine Jones / Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman reports at least 30 police dogs from departments across the state gathered Tuesday at a memorial service for six-year-old K-9 Police Officer Jardo, who was shot Nov. 11 working with officers to apprehend a suspect.

Jardo, a Belgian Malinois, joined the Boise Police Department in 2013 and was trained in drug detection and suspect apprehension. The dog worked 900 incidents that resulted in 250 arrests over the course of his career.

Jardo was posthumously awarded the Canine Medal of Honor and Police Cross.