Mountain Lion Hunt Fails, Traps Will Be Set

Oct 26, 2012

Credit Anthonut / Flickr

The hunt for a mountain lion in Garden City this morning ended unsuccessfully. Idaho Fish and Game led the hunt. Officials searched for the animal along both sides of the Boise River from Eagle Road to Les Bois Park. Hound dogs were used to get the scent of the lion, but no sign of the animal was traced.

Evin Oneale of Idaho Fish and Game says that multiple sightings of what is assumed to be one young mountain lion prompted the search. Last week a Garden City resident’s dog was injured in a cougar attack.

“We knew it was going to be a long-shot getting out this morning like we did," Oneale says. "But we felt like we needed to at least give it a try and see if we couldn’t locate the lion that way.”

Oneale says a USDA Wildlife Services agent will place traps on private property in the Garden City area Saturday morning. The private landowner has agreed to host no more than 10 traps. Oneale says signs will be posted along the Green Belt near the trap area, and that dogs should be kept leashed.

“[I] want to encourage folks to continue to do the things that they normally do," says Oneale. "If they ride their bike or walk their dog or job along the Green Belt, they need to keep doing that.”

Reports of sightings should be made to Idaho Fish and Game or to local police.

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