Mountain Lion Killed In Garden City

Feb 7, 2014

Fish and Game veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew (left) and Fish and Game conservation officer Bill London with the lion killed in the Riverside Subdivision on February 6.
Credit Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game officers and Garden City police tracked down and killed a mountain lion in Garden City Thursday.  The animal was shot along the Boise River Greenbelt in the Riverside subdivision around 5:30 p.m.

An eyewitness says the cougar was under his front porch. It ran from that location and the chase began.  Police, conservation officers and a houndsman tracked the animal through backyards and common areas in the subdivision.  They say they were hoping to tree the animal, tranquilize it and then move it to another location.

But the adult female mountain lion ended up on an island in the river, only a few feet from re-entering the neighborhood.  That’s when law enforcement officers shot and killed the animal.  

The cougar was five to six years old, apparently healthy, and did not have kittens.  A Fish and Game officer says it was not the mountain lion that attacked two dogs in the Boise Foothills last month.

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