Nampa Schools Propose $2.6 Million Cuts To Avoid Furloughs

May 25, 2012

The Nampa school district is short about two and a half million dollars for next year. The district and the local teachers’ union are trying to find a way to balance that budget in their annual contract negotiations. The district’s first offer made up the shortfall largely through teacher furloughs, an idea that didn’t go over well with the Nampa Education Association. After some back and forth, the latest proposal on the table calls for the district to make deep budget cuts instead. The largest part of that comes from staff reduction, mostly through attrition. District spokesperson Allison Westfall says there would also be a lot of reorganization.  For example they’d get rid of the curriculum department.

“The administrator over curriculum is going to be sent out and will be operating as a vice principal for a couple of schools. The two teachers who’d been assigned to that will go out to schools." Westfall continues, "so there are some things in the area of curriculum that we won’t be able to do, but we felt the best decision was for those staff to go out to schools.”

Some of those administrators would fill empty teaching positions. But the district does expect class sizes to go up. The NEA says the new proposal still requires a lot of sacrifice from teachers, but it does represent a good starting place. They are preparing a counter proposal. The Nampa district and its teachers have to reach an agreement on salary and benefits by June tenth.