Nampa Teacher’s Union Calls For Raises And No Furloughs Next Year

Jun 14, 2013

Teacher contract negotiations in the Nampa School District appear stalled.  The teacher’s union Thursday night pushed for raises and no furlough days. The district had proposed 14 furlough days next year. 

Credit Courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

Nampa has been fighting through a budget crisis all year. It’s eliminated jobs, closed one school and made numerous other cuts.  But district officials say they still need to cut $3.5 million from next year’s budget.  

Idaho Education News reports that Nampa Education Association president Mandy Simpson said the district has not been transparent with its cost cutting efforts.

The high school math teacher laid out numbers during the meeting including more than $6 million in cuts already made and $15 million in new revenue.

District negotiators shot back saying the problem is real and cuts are still needed to balance next year’s budget. 

Negotiations continue next week.