NASA Satellite Image Shows Idaho Wildfires In Stunning Context

Aug 14, 2013

Southern Idaho's four large wildfires have burned 495 square miles since lightning hit the area six days ago. The entire city of Boise is 80 square miles. This satellite image shows smoke billowing from the four blazes burning in what appears to be a straight line across southern Idaho, just east of Boise.

This satellite image was captured by NASA's Aqua Satellite on Aug. 10, 2013.
Credit NASA

At last update, the Pony Complex had burned 143,900 acres, the Elk Complex had burned 111,977 acres, the Beaver fire had burned 38,739 acres, and the McCan fire had burned 23,860 acres. 

The fires have consumed cattle, structures, and forced mandatory evacuations for people who live in the area.