Nevada Standoff Defendants Face "Miscarriage Of Justice" Says Idaho Congressman Labrador

Sep 29, 2017

Idaho gubernatorial candidate and GOP Representative Raul Labrador says by putting two defendants on trial for a third time, a possible "miscarriage of justice" could occur.

GOP congressman and gubernatorial candidate Raul Labrador says four Idaho residents involved in the 2014 Bunkerville Stand Off in Nevada are facing “a miscarriage of justice.”

In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions dated September 14, Labrador urges him to consider a note from 53 current and past Idaho legislators raising concerns about the defendants from the Gem State.

Labrador and the lawmakers question whether putting Eric Parker and Scott Drexler on trial for a third time is in the best interest of justice. In his letter, Labrador states the failure of two juries in two cases to come to a guilty verdict illustrates the weakness of the government’s case against the men.

The Statesman reports Labrador’s letter also raises concerns about the treatment of defendants Ammon Bundy and Todd Engel by the state. Engel hails from Boundary County and Bundy resides in Emmett.

The four Idaho men were arrested last year in an operation that took almost 20 people tied to the 2014 Nevada standoff into custody. Bundy, Drexler, Parker and several other defendants are set to go on trial in Nevada October 10.

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