New Book Looks At The Legendary People Of Boise

Nov 17, 2015

When you think of Boise, what names come to mind? That’s the question two local historians asked themselves as they wrote a book about Boise's highest profile people.

J.R. Simplot, Julia Davis, Joe Albertson, Curtis Stigers and Kristin Armstrong are just some of those profiled in the new book, “Legendary Locals of Boise.”

Historians Elizabeth Jacox and Barbara Perry Bauer own TAG Historical Research and Consulting. Jacox says their book covers a wide variety of people.

"Some of them are people, if you're familiar with Boise history, you may have heard of," says Jacox. "We tried to include people you might not have heard of so much."

Perry Bauer says the book will be useful for folks who are longtime Boise residents.

"It will make them reminisce a little bit about people they consider legendary locals. We're always wanting to educate people about our community and I think this book will be a great educational resource for newcomers."

They say it was tough to come up with the list of legends.

"We're really hoping it will cause some lively discussion and discourse as people talk about other folks that they might consider legendary," says Perry Bauer.

The two historians will talk more about Boise's legends and sign their book at the Boise Public Library Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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