New Laws Enacted In Idaho Starting July 1

Jun 29, 2015

Starting July 1, Idahoans will see new laws that range from how much they pay at the gas station to giving teachers a pay bump.

Next week marks the start of a new fiscal year in Idaho. This means a $95 million transportation plan designed to help repair Idaho's crumbling bridges and roads will go into effect. For Idaho residents, vehicle registration fees are going up $21 and gas will cost 7 cents more because of higher taxes.

For education, rookie teacher salaries will be boosted by almost $1,000 up to $32,700 per year as part of a sweeping plan to increase teacher pay over the next five years.

And the Idaho giant salamander will become the state's official state amphibian. Lawmakers finally were convinced to pass the measure after five years of lobbying from Boise eighth-grader Ilah Hickman.