No Wolves Killed During Controversial Idaho Hunt

Dec 30, 2013

Credit Jim Peaco / Yellowstone National Park

Organizers of a coyote and wolf hunting contest held over the weekend in Salmon, Idaho say hunters did not kill any wolves as part of the ‘derby.’ Hunters shot 21 coyotes.

“We had no wolves taken,” says Steve Alder, the state director for the pro-hunting group Idaho For Wildlife.  The Salmon chapter of the event organized and hosted the event Saturday and Sunday.

“We had one experienced guide who actually saw a wolf at a great distance,” Alder says. “That’s the only wolf we saw.”

The lead-up to the event drew outrage from conservationists. Five groups sued last week, unsuccessfully, to have the event postponed. They feared the contest would amount to a “killing spree” and “massacre."

Alder says several vehicles were damaged in Salmon over the weekend. He believed the crimes to be the work of environmentalists. But Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman says there’s been no evidence to suggest the vandalism was related to the hunting contest. Investigations are ongoing.

Bowerman says he assigned three deputies to the event, but says it stayed "civil and orderly."

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