Occupy Portland People Bus to Richland For Anti-Nuke Rally

Apr 16, 2012

Occupy Portland activists took to the road this weekend. About 100 protesters showed up in sunny downtown Richland, Washington Sunday afternoon. They were there to rally against nuclear power and in favor of cleaning up the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

On a large stage Native Americans and Occupy coordinators like Mirium German voiced their concerns.  “Hanford is an environmental tragedy waiting to happen,” German said.

The Occupy protest did not bring out some of the long-term Hanford critics, but some Tri-Cities residents did attend. Most there were from out of town, like Gordon Sturrock who drove a bus up from Eugene, Oregon.  “You know we are very concerned that things might get out of control here, an accident, an earthquake, who knows what, and it will seriously pollute our Columbia River which so many people rely upon for their livelihood,” Sturrock said.

More than a hundred Occupy activists attended.