Official Primary Results Wednesday

May 29, 2012

Idahoans will know this week if the state’s primary elections did in fact set a new record low turnout.   

One day after the May 15th primary, Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa said 23% of registered voters cast ballots.  Ysursa will be among those who’ll certify election results tomorrow. If that 23% figure holds, it would be the lowest turnout ever recorded for an Idaho primary.     

Ysursa blamed Idaho’s closed Republican primary as the main reason people stayed away from the polls.  Only registered Republicans got the party’s ballot.  But that also meant all voters had to publicly declare their party affiliation for the first time in Idaho. Leading Republicans have said the lack of high profile races played a bigger role.

 Whether the GOP keeps the current system in place will likely be debated at the party's convention next month. 

One of those scheduled to be a part of the canvassing this week – State Controller Donna Jones – is not likely to participate.  She was injured  last week in a car crash near Heyburn, and spent the weekend in a Boise hospital.   


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