Olympic Champion Fosbury Hopes Idaho House Run Is No Flop

Jan 23, 2014

Dick Fosbury, the Olympic champ whose name defines the modern high jump, has now launched an Idaho House of Representatives run.

After a post-Olympic engineering career, Fosbury wants to boost Idaho's economy out of "the doldrums."

But as he faces a Republican incumbent in conservative Idaho, Fosbury acknowledges headline writers might already be readying their keyboards.

"Fosbury Flops."

Chuckling during a phone interview from his central Idaho home, the Fosbury Flop's originator who leapt backward over the bar to win 1968 Olympic gold understands the risk he runs with puns.

"I can handle it," Fosbury says.

His prospective Republican foe, Fairfield Rep. Steve Miller, recalled doing the high jump, too, back before he graduated from high school — the same year Fosbury won in Mexico City.

Miller used the scissor-kick.