One Candidate Has Advantage at BYP Forum

Oct 4, 2011

Boise, ID - Wednesday the Boise Young Professionals hold a forum for city council candidates. But one of those candidates may have a bit of an advantage.

Ben Quintana is running for Boise council seat two. He’ll share his platform with an audience of familiar faces at the Boise Young Professionals. Quintana founded BYP five years ago.

Ben Quintana  “I don’t believe it presents a conflict of interest. I had no part in organizing the event and they did set up a moderator so we all have equal time.”

Quintana is no longer employed by BYP. But he is still an active member.  So, does that give him an advantage in the forum?

Ben Quintana “Well I would hope so. I think it’s going to be an advantage for a group that I started up and everyone in the room is kind of a peer in terms of age group and I will understand the audience, very well, but they have a chance to ask questions of all the candidates so it’s going to be a fair ground but it will be on my home turf if you will.”

One of Quintana’s opponents, Mike Cunningham says he is conscious of being on someone else’s turf.

Mike Cunningham “I’m going into perhaps unknown territory. I’m not sure it’s enemy territory. You know obviously he’s been working with those young people for some time; he’s been very involved with that organization. I just think that once they hear me perhaps I can change a few of their minds.”

Cunningham says he’s just glad to have a forum to share his ideas. He says that’s a rare opportunity in city council elections. Lawrence Jonson is the third candidate in the race. He’s also participating in today’s forum. He says Quintana may have the home field advantage, but thinks the BYP members will be a respectful and receptive audience. The forum also features David Eberle who is running for reelection to city council seat three. His opponent David Honey won’t be able to attend.