Over 500 Idaho Non-Profits Ask For Your Donation Today

May 2, 2013

More than 500 non-profit groups are taking part in the first ever “Idaho Gives” day today.  You can help out birds, dogs, rats, kids, museums, fine arts, the environment and more, during the 24 hour event. 

The goal is simple.  Get everyone to donate online to their favorite Idaho non-profit by midnight tonight.  Lynn Hoffmann is the Executive Director of the Idaho Nonprofit Center.  She calls today’s event a “giving frenzy.”

“It’s a very much grassroots effort on the part of us and all the non-profits that are participating, and a way for the community and donors to come together around those non-profits and really celebrate the tremendous work that these non-profits do in our communities across the state.”

The one day of giving was sparked by similar events in other cities and states.  During Utah’s event, donors raised more than $600,000.  Last year, Seattle’s GiveBig event brought in more than $7 million. 

Hoffmann says there’s no specific monetary goal for today’s event, but she’s optimistic Idahoans will open their wallets. “When you think about the 500 non-profit causes that are out there, even if each of those had 10 donors and those donors on average gave $50 we’re already at $250,000.”

Hoffman says several non-profits are holding special events as part of “Idaho Gives.”

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