Police Return Bike After Suspect Cooperates

Sep 11, 2012

Credit Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Boise Police returned a stolen bike to a local woman this afternoon. The bike was one of about 50 stolen in a rash of thefts this spring, which included 13 Exergy race bicycles. 

Detective Paul Jagosh says 29 bikes stolen in the Boise area have been recovered. The suspect in custody, Michael Lawrence, is cooperating with police to recover as many bikes as possible as part of his plea agreement.

“He basically made a living stealing bikes," says Jagosh. "He would go out at night, steal four or five high-end bikes, trip to Portland, put ads on Craigslist, stay in a motel until he sold them all, drive back to Boise and do it all over again.”

Avid cyclist Michele Kitzmiller is the first to receive her recovered mountain bike from the police. When asked how she feels about knowing the suspect is in custody, she did not hide her feelings.

“I’m so happy, I am so happy," says Kitzmiller. "Justice, you know? Karma.”

Kitzmiller urges other owners to keep track of serial numbers and take a photo of their bike in case of theft, and to insure the bike if possible.

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