Pop Bottle Bombs Found In Boise

Aug 14, 2012

Boise police officers found two pop bottle bombs this week in West Boise.  Usually the bottles are designed to make a big bang, but in this case, they injured an officer. 

Soda pop bottle bombs explode and make a loud bang.  That seems to be why they’re so popular, especially among kids.  Lynn Hightower with the Boise Police Department says officers will get a call about them about once a month. "They're unfortunately common in neighborhoods and communities around the country as they’re extremely easy to make.”

The bombs are made out of plastic pop bottles and household chemicals.  When the ingredients are mixed or shaken, they explode.  They also can emit toxic fumes.  Hightower says the explosion can cause injuries, while the fumes can cause respiratory distress. 

“If you see something that is a pop bottle or maybe a milk jug that’s got some liquid, maybe some foil around it," says Hightower, "then play it safe and call 911 and an officer or a firefighter will come out and take a look at it, better safe than sorry.” 

Pop bottle bombs are often left lying on the ground or on a lawn where unsuspecting homeowners will pick them up. Hightower has also heard of kids putting the small bombs in mailboxes, to watch them explode. 

Police are looking for whoever left the bombs at a west Boise home Monday night. 

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