Possible Wolf Pup At Zoo Boise

May 31, 2012

What’s thought to be a wolf puppy, picked up by campers in Ketchum, is resting in Zoo Boise’s animal hospital.  The campers who found the pup took it to a local vet who contacted Idaho Fish and Game. 

Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns says the puppy is thin, but he’s eating some ground up meat.  “He seemed to be doing o.k. this morning, we do want to do some further testing on him, give him a full examination, he’s really stressed right now, obviously a new environment, wondering what’s going on, so we were going to let him calm down for a couple of days.”

Once the pup is calmer, the Zoo’s veterinarian will do a full exam.  His future won’t be known for a few weeks, when blood test results come back.  If it is a wolf, he won’t stay at Zoo Boise.  Burns says if Fish and Game approves, he will find it a home at another zoo. “But we really need to know is it a real wolf or is it a hybrid before we go out and do that.”

If it’s a hybrid, the puppy will eventually go back to Fish and Game, which may take it to a local animal shelter for adoption.

Fish and Game says if it is a pure wolf, it was likely separated from its pack when the well-meaning campers picked it up.  The Department searched the area but could not find signs of other wolves.  Fish and Game reminds campers to leave young animals in the wild alone.


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