Primary Results: District 19 House Races

May 16, 2012

It was a three-way Democratic race for House Seat A in Boise’s District 19. In the end, Matthew Erpelding took home enough votes to win the primary. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to go into the Legislature and work and write and see things from behind the scenes and be involved in trying to push forward what I think is progressive and intelligent policy.” 

Erpelding is the Vice Chairman of the Ada County Democratic Party.  He owns a small business, Experiential Adventures, which specializes in workplace collaboration training.  He’s also an adjunct faculty member at the College of Western Idaho and Boise State.

It was also a three-way Democratic race for House Seat B in District 19. Holli High Woodings rose to the top with enough votes to move forward to the November General Election. “In District 19 the campaign really is about the primary.  It was a really great learning experience and it was really fun.  I got to talk to so many community members, which I think was the best thing about it -- we knocked on about 2500 doors in the last couple of months.”

Holli High Woodings owns Woodings Group Public Relations, which is a PR firm that supports renewable energy, conservation, and the environment. She calls mandating ultrasounds before an abortion a “war on women.”  She supported the Boise Schools Levy.  She’s against the Students Come First laws.  

The North End’s District 19 is traditionally a Democratic district.  All three seats were left open this year. That’s after Senator Nicole LeFavour (D-Boise) stepped down from her seat to make a run for the U-S House of Representatives.  Both House seats were left open after Representative Cherie Buckner-Webb (D-Boise) decided to run for the open Senate spot and two-term Representative Brian Cronin (D-Boise) stepped down after citing strains on his professional and family life.

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