Proposal To Outsource Filer Cops Draws Hundreds To Meeting

Jun 7, 2017

The Mayor of Filer is exploring phasing out the Filer Police Department and transitioning law enforcement in the community to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.
Credit Filer Police / City of Filer

The small city of Filer is exploring the feasibility of outsourcing its police force to the Twin Falls County Sheriff. Hundreds turned out to support Filer cops at a meeting Tuesday night.

City Council meetings in Filer don’t typically draw hundreds of citizens, but Tuesday’s brought out droves of people supporting the Filer Police Department.

Filer’s mayor, Rick Dunn, asked the Twin Falls County Sheriff to explore the possibility of outsourcing the city’s law enforcement to the county. Sheriff Tom Carter presented his findings at last night’s council meeting.

During his presentation in the packed council chamber, Sheriff Carter estimated the cost of six officers providing round-the-clock protection service to Filer coming in at a little over $425,000 per year. The Times News reports the budget of the city’s police force is a little more than $871,000, according to Police Chief Tim Reeves.

Reeves says he and his officers were shocked by the mayor’s announcement. The chief views the exploration of phasing out his department as a vote of no-confidence.

Mayor Rick Dunn asked citizens with questions or comments to submit them in writing to the city clerk. Should the city council want more information on transitioning law enforcement to the sheriff’s office, a public hearing will be scheduled.

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