Protestors Gather In Boise After Senator Risch Defends Trump's Russian Revelations

May 19, 2017

Protestors gathered Friday in Boise on Jefferson Street.
Credit Jamie Richmond

When news broke that President Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials visiting the White House last week, many in Washington expressed concern. Senator Jim Risch of Idaho, however, was one of the first to make public statements in defense of Trump. This afternoon, a small group of protesters, about 54 of them, gathered outside Risch’s Boise office in opposition.

Risch, a member of the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees, said Trump’s move to declassify state secrets was completely within his right as President, as he told PBS.

“This was a good act that he did, not a bad act that he did,” Risch said. “But there was a bad act done here.”

That bad act, Risch says, was not a leak to the Russians but a leak to the press from a closed-door meeting.

“The real story here is there’s a weasel here. That is the person who reported about this conversation.”

That explanation didn’t wash with protesters who gathered outside his office around lunchtime Friday.

Jamie Richmond was there, holding a sign that read, ‘Now.’

“I’m a second-generation Idahoan; I wasn't bussed-in; and I'm not paid,” she says.

Richmond wasn’t politically active in the past. However, she got involved during the debate over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. She came to the protest Friday in hopes Senator Risch will hold in-person town hall meetings in the future, so he can hear directly from his constituents.

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