Public Or Private? See The Top 5 Employers In Your Idaho County

Apr 29, 2014

Exactly half of Idaho's top employers in each of its 44 counties are private businesses, while the other half are government entities.

That's a change from 2012 when we reported on the same data. Then, the top employers in 28 counties were public and 16 were private sector businesses.

Data that companies submitted to the Idaho Department of Labor in 2013 show the top five employers in all 44 counties, and how many people each employs.

The department collects this data from most, about 95 percent, of Idaho employers.

Click around the map to see who is writing the most paychecks where you live.

Green = government employer is #1

Yellow = private sector business is #1

MAP: Emilie Ritter Saunders | DATA: Idaho Dept. of Labor | Download the data

Of the 22 counties where a public entity is the top employer, 16 of them are public school districts, two are universities, three are federal employers, and one is a tribal government.

On the private side, Idaho has just seven businesses operating in one county that have more than 1,000 employees. Of course, some companies operate in multiple counties.  J.R. Simplot Company is an example. On a per-county basis, St. Luke's Health Systems is by far the largest single employer with more than 7,400 workers in Ada County.

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