Radar Could Help Idaho Drivers Avoid Wildlife Collisions

Sep 15, 2014

A company that makes radar technology used to protect military convoys says it can be adapted to help central Idaho drivers avoid collisions with deer and elk on State Highway 75.

The radar system was used in Bonners Ferry for a few months last year.
Credit Grizdave / Flickr Creative Commons

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that Sloan Security Technologies last week presented its idea to Blaine County officials and the Idaho Transportation Department.

Company co-founder Brian Sloan says the mobile radar animal detection system alerts drivers with flashing lights when animals are present.

Sloan says the system last winter was used for three months in northern Idaho on U.S. Highway 95 south of Bonners Ferry and there were no reported collisions with animals.

A basic system north of Hailey will cost about $30,000. A system that includes cellular data that allows remote monitoring will cost about $45,000.