Rainy Weather Drenches Exergy Tour Racers But Not Spirits

May 26, 2012

It was a rainy and cold day for women’s pro cycling Saturday. The Exergy Tour continued in Kuna with a ten mile individual time trial. The course, which simulates the time trial that will take place at the 2012 Olympics in London - brought three top finishes for Team Specialized – lululemon.  

American Amber Neben won the race, securing the Exergy Leaders jersey. She posted a time of just over 21 minutes. Her teammates Evelyn Stevens (USA) came in second and Clara Hughes (Canada) finished third. 

Stevens is the reigning U.S. National Time Trial Champion. She’s now second overall in the General Classificiation (G.C.). But Neben isn’t far behind. She’s down by 11 seconds.  

In a press release, Neben says "I am on the best team in the world, between sponsors, equipment, staff and teammates.  It’s all the best. We all get along and want to see each other do the best, so we feed off that and then you see it in the results, too."

A steady drizzle persisted throughout the race and that brought some caution from racers on the course, including Neben.

"I was afraid it might be a little slick (due to the rain), so I was a little conservative going out. It was good in the sense that those first corners were pretty early. I was careful at the turnaround, it was kinda tight there. The good thing was essentially it was just straight out the whole time, turnaround, come back, so there wasn’t too much to worry about. I think that was where the race was going to be won, in the straightaway."

Sunday’s course is called the "Queen Stage" of the Exergy Tour. The 59.7 mile course is meant for climbers. The racers start in Crouch at noon and will climb through the Sawtooth Mountains finishing in Idaho City.

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