Remember 1989? This Idaho Time Capsule Does

Dec 9, 2014

Workers pull a time capsule out of the ground. The capsule was buried for 25 years.
Credit ITD

The agency that oversees Idaho's highways spent part of Tuesday taking a trip down Memory Lane.

The Idaho Transportation Department opened a time capsule buried in Boise in 1989. The 3-foot piece of conduit had been glued shut and buried near the department's East Annex. The burial was part of a dedication of a grove of trees given to the state by the University of Idaho.

The contents included newspapers of the era, license plates, advertisements and more.

"A Friday-evening television guide was also preserved, showing long-deceased programs like Dallas, Falcon Crest and Miami Vice, and the still-thriving Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Also prominent were newspaper articles about Bush senior beating Dukakis for the Presidency, the AIDS epidemic, home loans at 9.5 percent interest, and locally about the just-passed-by-voters state lottery system." -Idaho Transportation Department.

Some of those attending the opening of the time capsule where there for its burial.

The contents stayed dry in the makeshift container. But not everything survived. Those at the unearthing say the oil in a bag of microwave popcorn had turned rancid.

Here's a video of ITD unearthing its 1989 time capsule.

The container was one of two buried at the same time.

ITD says the other will be opened in 2090 to coincide with Idaho's bicentennial.

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