Report Says Idaho Doing Comparatively Little To Prevent Cancer

Aug 9, 2012

A new report from the American Cancer Society shows Idaho is doing little to prevent cancer compared to other states. It comes from the organization's advocacy arm, the Cancer Action Network.

 The report titled "How Do you Measure Up" looks at actions state governments take to prevent cancer. Aaron Czyzewski with the Cancer Action Network, says Idaho fares poorly in most of the criteria measured.

“This is a report card you probably wouldn’t want to bring home to your parents,” he says.  “Unfortunately Idaho is falling short.”

The state has one of the lowest tobacco excise taxes. It’s one of the states that have gone the longest without raising tobacco taxes, and has little funding for tobacco prevention programs.

Idaho also has no laws restricting access to tanning beds. The state has low appropriations for screening programs. The report even looks at physical education requirements in schools and puts Idaho among states where kids need more exercise.

There are a few areas where Idaho doesn't rank quite so poorly. It was in the middle of the pack for going smoke-free in workplaces, restaurants, and bars.